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The farmer's curse

The farmer's curse

The funny thing called the weather, how the seasons do came around

This weather has been a funny thing
It's been a bit dicey since about spring
Over the winter it got really wet
Mud was made and a lot of 'oh heck'
It's raining again, I'm sick of this rain
It's nothing but trouble and becoming a pain

The lambing was better the weather had changed
But the work was behind, as the paddocks weren't drained
It was looking alright for a short time
Enough drizzly rain to soak in the lime

And then it slowed down the moisture did stop
Not enough rain, only the odd drop
The hay did wilt, and the silage wasn't there
Not many farmers had supplements to spare

There is the stock they still need to be fed
But not many lambs left, to run through the shed
There were quite a few that made it as stores
Off to greener pastures, it's not mine or yours

Lamb weights are down and prices even worse
It must be this thing called The Farmer's Curse
To try and survive and fight all the battles
Soon we'll have to sell all the chattels

Most will farm on and a few will say enough
I'm sick of all this I'm selling my stuff
I guess if we want we can call it a curse
But this thing called the weather is not helping our purse