A dog's life
Shearing time
Lambing time
Seasons do pass
Hakapoua Hilton
A farmer's life
The Czech way
Te Anau
The farmer's curse

A dog's life

Life as seen from the other side...

I heard the door open, that was the end of sleep
Out walked the boss looking ready to move sheep
I'm ready, I'm ready, let's go and shift the stock
Settle down Jack, he said, as he undid the kennel lock

Four-wheeler started, on the back I jumped
Across the paddocks away we bumped
Looks like we are heading to number twenty-three
The paddock down the river that has a willow tree

I wonder where this mob will go
Gate opened, looks like it is just below
Get away back Jack, my orders at last
Away I head, to move them slow not too fast

The boss is at the gate so they do not rush
I stalk behind, sweeping slowly like a brush
Walking at the back so the slow ones do not stop
Finally they are through, back on the bike I hop

Away again, off to where the cattle are
Looks like we are shifting them, I wonder how far
It's the yearling heifers, they can move pretty fast
I remember the trouble when we shifted them last

The boss reminded me what happened then
As he opened the gate to the holding pen
Slowly away, I went to gather them in
This time I did better and he gave me a grin

This life is good running around all day
Helping the boss is both work and play
Now the work is all done we head back to eat
Good on you mate, and he passes me a treat
(And now I feel like getting back to sleep)