A dog's life
Shearing time
Lambing time
Seasons do pass
Hakapoua Hilton
A farmer's life
The Czech way
Te Anau
The farmer's curse

Seasons do pass

From summer to autumn

Down on the farm the seasons do pass
Going from summer when there was plenty of grass
Now autumn is here the weather has cooled
A time for farmers to check if the budget has stalled

If you farm sheep then tupping is here
Time for the rams to get their fair share
Sort up the ewes and put them in mobs
Then get onto fencing or other small jobs

The deer are all growing at 300 grams a day
Those that have weaned need not delay
The schedule looks good, weights are on target
Keep going like this and they'll make the early market

The calves are all sold
Gone before it gets cold
The money a bit less
But then there's no mess

The crops too have all been done
Now in the silo it's time to have fun
Think of the dairy cockies as they milk cows
Up in the dark, gosh they work strange hours

Duck shooting is near so check on the pond
Put in more cover so they don't land beyond
Don't think of winter of the frosts and the snow
As spring always comes just like the wind can blow