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Shearing time

Another busy chore down on the farm, a day in the life of the shearing shed

The shearing shed, oh what a busy place
The noise wool and action all at a hectic pace
It is not an easy job to do, a shearer's life is tough
Need to have their wits with them, the sheep can't look rough

The work begins the night before, for shearers and classers
Combs and cutters must be ground and ready to move faster
And the farmer must shed up the sheep
To keep them dry and let them sleep

Morning comes at seven and all is ready to go
Hand pieces set and adjusted, to perfect each and every blow
Belly first to fall and the rousie is on a high
Sweeps it to one side and waits for more wool to fly

The comb is moving fast and each blow performed with ease
The wool is warm and greasy, comes off like soft cream cheese
Under a minute and the sheep is out the door
Fleece is on the table and wool cleared from the floor

So then it starts again, the sheep dragged from the pen
Another fleece is finished and thrown from end to end
Cutters changed like clockwork to keep the gear going swell
Combs are changed less often but need to be swapped as well

Then it's time to take a break
A cup of tea and some chocolate cake
Back again for a two hour run
More sheep to shear, it's all good fun

Lunch time comes around, an hour to rest the back
The presser not so lucky as the wool begins to stack
The afternoon is just as busy with sheep going here and there
Now the gang is looking forward to enjoying that nice cold beer

Five o'clock arrives the day is finally done
But not for everyone, more work is needed for some
Then back it is tomorrow to start it all again
The only thing that stops them is if the weather turns to rain