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Shearing time
Lambing time
Seasons do pass
Hakapoua Hilton
A farmer's life
The Czech way
Te Anau
The farmer's curse


The moon works in funny ways, but it is an awesome sight

The moon it glows it's way up high
A giant light hanging in the sky
Sometimes it's large and oh so round
And then it's small can hardly be found

It has its friends they share the night
The many stars help with its flight
The different phases it does go through
Our ancient ancestors lived by these true

And still today we experience odd behaviour
It must be when the moon isn't in favour
And even with farming we see its effect
The light sometimes bright and then dark it can get

But when in the sky the glow is great
A full moon makes you stop and appreciate
Such a magnificent sight it glides on by
The sky so beautiful when the moon is high