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Seasons do pass
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A farmer's life
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The farmer's curse

A farmer's life

A short view of what was happening with the industry,
when Auckland was without power in 1998

Life on the farm has its highs and lows
The weather a factor especially when it snows
Some farm deer and others sheep
Also cattle, but the velvet farmers weep

The seasons do differ and some are quite cold
But when the sun is out the weather does hold
It can get wet and the ground becomes damp
Good for racing pretending to be a champ

This year was better and some grass has grown
Lambs have fattened plus the swedes got sown
Things are not good in all enterprises
Wool and meat they have bad prices

Meat's no good and wool is worthless to me
Milk fat dropping and venison is not where it should be
So if all is doom why is it I stay?
But to wait for the day when it becomes better pay

Until then stay outdoors and play
It beats being a townie in the office all day
So don't get down, don't sulk or pout
At least the South had power and we were not in drought