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Hakapoua Hilton

Sometimes farmers just need a holiday, a trip in January 1998

Here's a little tale of a trip to the South West Coast
To a little hideaway where the hunters do not boast
It's a place a few do go, for a couple of trips each year
To do a spot of hunting and enjoy a cold Speights beer

Hakapoua Hilton is the base with all the modern gear
A big log burner and a place to hang the deer
The hut's a pretty good one and has cooked some mighty meals
You get about in a motorboat, nothing here with wheels

Lots of places to go and see what you can find
Climb over the back to Lake Innes and there you'll see a hind
Take a walk down to the bluff
But do be careful it can get rough

Head up the lake with the boat, to visit The Big Slip
Bound to see a stag or two, which makes a worthwhile trip
There's more than just the hunting scene
Plenty of fishing if you are real keen

A wander down the river and the reef is there to fish
A net in the water and you'll have a tasty dish
And if you're into diving then there are good places to go
To look for some paua, and the crays well they're not slow

But if you're just into nature and want to look about
Walking, boating, climbing or looking for that Kiwi snout
It's a wonderful place to go, to get away from it all
Doc will drop you off and pick you up when you give him a call

Not many people to get in your way
No traffic either, as nowhere else to stay
Just the Hakapoua Hilton with the shower water hot
A nice feed of paua and crayfish in the pot