Something funny, something serious,
something true and something probably about you.
Most of these tales are actual happenings, a collection of stories and events enjoyed during the many places
visited and worked on and the many things involved in the farming scene.

My first attempt at writing a poem came about in May 1996 - quite unexpectedly I must add, but that is a story of its own. It was about the life and times enjoyed on a Moshav in Israel. A Moshav is a collection of individual small holders where you live and work as a member of the family - different from a Kibbutz. I spent five months there, working and enjoying the time with the many travellers who came through, and continued to write about the many adventures that followed (I also have plans to do a travel volume at a future date) starting with farming themes on my arrival back to New Zealand in time for the lambing season of 1996. I now write about all sorts of things from farming to snowboarding or whatever else I come across in my adventures in New Zealand and around the world.

I would like to thank all those who have helped with the inspiration in the numerous poems, many of whom will have no idea who they are, except where names have been used, all names are known to be true and correct to not avoid identity and embarrassment.

Thanks to David for his wonderful artwork in creating something other than just writing. Also Olina for being the one whom I always ask how can I finish this line, or what is best here, after I have run out of ideas. And to Andy and the many others involved in the final preparation. So I hope you find something enjoyable amongst the many titles, from lambing in remote Scotland to a trip to the remote South West Coast of Fiordland or just a day in the shearing shed. Happy reading.